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Music Mastering Services

Music Mastering Services in London, UK

Music Mastering Services are generally required in order for your music track/s to get the extra adjustments needed before the song will be distributed. These adjustments are for compliance (such as radio, broadcast, online music sale or for your CD ALBUM), sonic enhancement and remedial (e.g. loudness, compression, presence – eq and the overall vibe).

Since the biggest challenge that a mastering engineer may have is to keep the vibe of the track while getting a great amount of loudness, we have that handled. The experience and our tools are offering the best sonic adjustments you could have on today’s market.

What you need to know before sending your songs for Music Mastering Services:

An export of your song AS IT IS is required before the below mentioned adjustments should take place. The reason for this request is to analyze your creative judgement and the mood you have set for this track. We are here only to enhance your creative soundtrack by keeping the overall mood as close to your imagination as possible. Using this track you can also compare the actual improvements. Let’s call this, the REFERENCE TRACK.

When you are exporting your music track for mastering, please make sure that the following things are checked:

  • Be careful and control the peaks. Adjust the volume of the individual tracks or group of tracks to make sure there are no peaks in your mix. DO NOT interfere with your master fader. Your master fader should always be at 0db and the adjustments must always be made inside of your DAW mixer apart from the master fader.
  • Make sure that no sound processors (vst/AU/aax or external hardware processors) are on your master track. No eq, compression, limiters, effects or any other dynamic processors.
  • You should aim that your track volume would not be higher than -6db to -4db.
  • Export your track as WAV or AIFF keeping the original project’s recording settings (e.g. 24 bit – 48kHz; 24bit – 96kHz; 24bit – 44.100 kHz; 16bit – 44.100kHz etc…)
  • We will call this track THE MIXED TRACK (the track to be mastered)

Now upload and send both tracks (The REFERENCE TRACK and THE MIXED TRACK) along with your order. If you have multiple tracks to master, please zip them and send them via an online file sharing service including Google’s Drive.

Within 5 days, you will receive your song mastered. If for some reasons you may require any changes, you are entitled for two revision.

Polite Note:

Providing that the delivery of this service is online based, we are not able to provide refunds. We will make our best to accommodate the changes required in the two revisions of which you are entitled to. If you require more revisions, this will be at an additional charge of £20/revision for the Music Mastering Services.

For more information about these services, please do contact us.