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Music Mixing Services

Music Mixing Services in London,UK

Music mixing services are essential and literally an ART that requires not only the best tools but also a great pair of ears. Sometimes you are listening to a music track and you spot a difference that pleases your ears.  You do not know what makes it sound so special and alive, but every time you hear it, it leads you into a journey. Often, you hear music tracks that will either make you tired by listening to it or have no positive effect on you, sounding lifeless.

Soundtracks may suffer due to compression issues, balance in the mix or EQ not being used properly. The stereo image may not be well defined while the vocals level in the mix is too low or too high. Some tracks may have too many effects or may sound too dry. Those are only a few of the music mixing issues.

Gear and Software

At London Mix Master, we are using a combination of outboard gear and plugins, so we will ensure that the mixing will benefit the best available tools on the market. The sound must be appropriate for the genre so having these tools available it is a key component for delivering the final product.

Fair deal

Although the prices may vary depending on the number of tracks that requires mixing, you will not be charged extra for any vocal editing and correction including using auto-tune, valve or tape processing. We find this to be fair as we own already this equipment and do not need to rent it.

Music Mixing Services FREE REVIEW 

Our Music Mixing Services are high-quality level, producing amazing results, with 99.9% of our clients being very happy. So you will be entitled of a free review of your mixing project when booking our services.

What do you need to know before sending the music track for mixing? Please click the link above and find out all the information required prior to sending the music track/s for mixing.


Well known DJs around the world they are making sure that their tracks sound great before performing in clubs or on the big stages. Create your playlist and make sure it sounds great by listening and mixing the tracks on our main monitor speakers and do the right tweaks before the event.

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Polite Note:

Providing that the delivery of this service is online based, we are not able to provide refunds. We will, however,  make our best to accommodate the changes required within a revision of which you are entitled to. If you require more revisions, this will be at an additional charge of £40/revision for the Music Mixing Services.